Local Village Cluster Groups

CHAPEL seeks to facilitate the setting up of small groups in different villages in rural North Wales. Each cluster group is encouraged to be Village led and will take its own shape, supported by CHAPEL leadership as required. One group might be a bible study group or prayer group. Another might be a mens group who meet to watch the football and then have a prayer and a pint. The ideas are endless... a ladies group for widows... a Parent and Toddlers group... a Walking group... a Youth group. The aim is to bring people together within rural areas to encourage them in their journey of faith, to strengthen friendship with each other and to encourage them to be a missional community. Each cluster group will be linked to a Local Hub for encouragement and Sunday worship. 

Local Hubs for Celebration 

The strap line for CHAPEL is "one people - many villages". "One (united) people" who come from "many villages" to worship together in a Local Hub location. Rather than have 3 or 4 people meeting in one Village to worship, it is more encouraging for 20 or 30 people to meet together from several Villages. CHAPEL doesn't own buildings, but seeks to work in partnership with existing Welsh Chapel owners in key locations to establish the village chapel as a Local Hub, as a centre for worship and mission.  In the Conwy Valley, the Sunday Celebrations take palce on a Sunday at 10:30am, and is held in one of four PCW Welsh Chapels on a rotational basis - in the villages of Rowen, Tal y Bont, Ty'n y Groes and Llechwedd.  CHAPEL is presently working with Capel Ty'n y Groes to help refurbish the Vestry/Hall so that it can be a Local Hub for ministry - this is due to open on 1st September 2019.

Community Focused Service 

CHAPEL presently has an empty page in regard to specific Community focussed service. Many of the congregation are fully committed within their Villages and so there is nothing specific that CHAPEL presently heads up. In accordance with our Values, CHAPEL will work collaborative with others and will be intentional about its community focused service. CHAPEL will not commence anything that is already working perfectly well that has been set up by another church or volunteer group or individual. CHAPEL's desire is not necessarily to 'head things up' but to serve along side and support others who are already serving their Village.